Yuri Kuschinsky
Digital Designer
Front-end developer

I am a Digital designer and developer with more than a decade of practical experience designing and developing modern web applications, components and tools for small startups and large established international companies using the latest state-of-the-art software frameworks and platforms.

I recently joined the GrapeCity team but I’m available for side projects, collaborations and cool freelance opportunities! You can check out some of my work on my Github or my Behance. Hit me up for future projects!


Full-spectrum .NET reporting solution for enterprises. ActiveReports helps .NET developers design accounting, analytical, budget, risk analysis, scientific, calendar, scorecard, insurance, healthcare, clinical, stock analysis, and other business reports for their applications.

Role: UX/UI, Front End, Iconography

Year: 2014 - 2020



Wijmo is a complete set of JavaScript UI components for enterprise development. It includes a powerful data grid, charts, pivot tools, inputs, and much more and is available in your favorite framework, including Angular, React, and Vue.

Role: UX/UI, Front End

Years: 2018, 2020

Wijmo Reference Apps


Nombox is an online food and grocery delivery platform that delivery food and grocery to customer within a city across Ukraine.

Role: UX/UI

Year: 2011

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GoToMyQB enables salespeople, managers and others to access information stored in your QuickBooks from any device.

Role: UX/UI, UI developer

Year: 2016

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Lelavka is a online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items.

Role: UX/UI, Front End, Identity

Year: 2012

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Technological Flexibility

Technological Flexibility is a provider of professional IT services & consulting for small and medium businesses.

Role: Identity, UX/UI

Year: 2010

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